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Unrestricted Net Assets Overview, Classification, Fund Accounting

Under the accrual method of accounting, revenues are reported in the accounting period in which they are earned. In other words, revenues might be earned in an accounting period that is different from the period in which the cash is received. Using this workaround, you can use QuickBooks to its best advantage and still be […]

How to Balance a Checkbook A Step-by-Step Guide

The easiest option is to pick up wherever you are; this means noting your current account balance and tracking transactions from that point forward. For example, fintech Chime is known for its award-winning app and budgeting tools that alert you to your daily balance, help track your budget, and even automatically add to your savings […]

Closing entries Closing procedure

Your closing journal entries serve as a way to zero out temporary accounts such as revenue and expenses, ensuring that you begin each new accounting period properly. Instead, the basic closing step is to access an option in the software to close the reporting period. Doing so automatically populates the retained earnings account for you, […]

CPA Firm Houston New York Global

From there, bookkeeping services can be provided through any accounting system based on your conversation with the freelancer. Though some clients have their own bookkeeper that they have sourced themselves, they may ask for recommendations of bookkeeping services. If the clients believe that you are providing the bookkeeper services, but you have decided to outsource […]

What is Suspense The Elements of Suspense Explained

When you design the characters that populate your story world, all of them should have both strengths and weaknesses that the reader can identify with. An effective way of creating suspense is by showing the way your characters fight against their weaknesses. If you find yourself struggling with a flat scene, ask yourself if there’s […]


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